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HOUSE OF CANTON (Taikoo Shing)
Business Hours : Monday - Saturday :
11:00am - 11:00pm
Sunday and Public Holiday :
09:00am - 11:00pm
Tel :
Address :
2886 8861
506, 5/F, Cityplaza,
Taikoo Shing, HK

A legendary name in Hong Kong since its first restaurant opened in 1986, HOUSE OF CANTON is the RC Gastronomic's flagship brand, and also its original and most famous one.

As approaching its thirtieth anniversary, HOUSE OF CANTON restaurants have been renowned throughout Hong Kong for their uncompromising quality and value for money. Their hallmark is the excellent Cantonese cuisine that they offer, which is always in tune with the seasons and presented with extraordinary flair.

The restaurants have also been acclaimed for their elegant ambience and excellent service. HOUSE OF CANTON fully understands the importance of combining quality and service, just like a computer's hardware and software need to be perfectly matched for it to function properly.

House of Canton has never rested on its laurels. Instead, the brand draws on the rich experience it has accumulated for almost three decades, with the constant aim of achieving ever-higher standards. At the same time, it keeps a vigilant eye on global trends in an unrelenting effort to meet the market's changing requirements, and even to take the lead in creative designs and menus, in order to satisfy the gastronomic tastes of successive generations of diners.

Maintaining the highest standards of quality is HOUSE OF CANTON'S top priority. It sources only the finest ingredients from all corners of the world. The menu features fabulous dishes ranging from precious dried abalone and bird's nest to roasted pork, a wide assortment of dim sum treats and other exquisite seasonal delicacies. Each item is prepared with an extraordinary mastery of both traditional and innovative cooking styles that embodies the essence of authentic Chinese fare, attractive presentation, and perfectly balanced portions and flavours.

Good service with professional ethics is another essential ingredient at HOUSE OF CANTON. This encompasses the knowledgeable and professional manner of its staff, as well as their excellent listening and communication skills. HOUSE OF CANTON believes that it is extremely important to ascertain the preferences of guests, and to provide suitable recommendations and explanations regarding the dishes. For example, its serving staff can describe the differences between abalone sourced from various regions, or why a particular sauce is good with certain ingredients. Moreover, they are well trained in recommending the best pairing to compliment specific cuisine from its extensive wine list, which offers many choices of Old and New World vintages, as well as beverages from China. Such helpful insights can ensure guests enjoy their meal with the utmost satisfaction.

The quality of its food and service is perfectly matched by HOUSE OF CANTON'S noteworthy décor, which blends contemporary styles with traditional motifs and colours. This painstaking attention to detail extends beyond making the restaurants look attractive. For example, specially designed imported ergonomic chairs provide the utmost comfort, while patented soundproofing partition systems ensure the privacy of guests.

Besides being a popular choice among business executives and families seeking a pleasant breakfast, a memorable lunch or a gourmet dinner, HOUSE OF CANTON offers function rooms of different sizes that make it the preferred venue for banquets, corporate gatherings and private parties. Its highly experienced staff offer a "one-stop service" that includes tailor-made banquet menus, suggestions about suitable wines, and room decorations to ensure that each event is perfect.

In the "Gourmet Paradise" of Hong Kong, HOUSE OF CANTON provides an exceptional gastronomic experience for all who appreciate fine dining.

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